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Item no. 1752

AirTrack+ 20 cm

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Length 1200 cm
Width 200 cm
Height 20 cm
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AirTrack+ 20 cm

With an Air-Track Plus you get a multifunctional gym track which can be used by everyone, from children to adults and from beginners to elite gymnasts.

The Air-Track Plus is designed with particular focus on safety, quality, rebound and easy handling.

The gym track has no zips. The track is basically air-tight and can be used without a stationary blower.


Gym Track with many benefits

  • Flat surface with fast, springy rebound
  • Simple air management with adjustable hardness, making the track equally suitable for elite gymnasts and beginners alike
  • Packs away easy for storage
  • Soft grips on both sides as standard facilitate handling
  • Soft hooks as standard in both ends
  • There are no valves or other things protruding from the sides of the track
  • Comes standard with red surface and black sides
  • Can also be made in other lengths - please call for more information



The story of the Airtrack

The Airtrack is a result of PE-Redskaber working on producing long trampoline tracks, also known as Tumble Tracks, which were used in the United States in the 90's. They were heavy and therefore difficult to store away in the gym.

In the summer of 1995, when the founder of PE-Redskaber saw children on a big bouncy cushion, the idea came to make a long narrow bouncy pillow. To the bouncy pads a blower was added, which constantly added air to the track. Since the first of the kind should have a name, it was named Air Track. The name was derived from the long trampoline tracks from the United States, called Tumble Tracks.

The first airtracks were 3 meters wide and 70 cm high and were produced in lengths of 12 and 15 meters. After a while the tracks became 50 cm high.


From rescue fleet to gym track

By visiting a boat fair in the summer of 1997, a bottom of a rescue fleet was found by chance. The bottom was 7.5 cm high and airtight. It gave the idea of ​​developing an air-tight track "PE Plus Gym Track", which was placed under the PE tumble tracks (developed in 1994).

A utility model protection was made in 1997 on an air-tight track (PE Plus), which lasted 10 years - until 2007. PE-Redskaber was the first in the world to use air tight units in gymnastics as we know them used throughout the world today.

PE-Redskaber has more than 20 years of experience producing air tight products for gymnastics.