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About PE-Redskaber


PE-Redskaber is a company with many years of experience in developing gymnastics equipment. We want to be progressive with new ideas, and stand in the front line to form the future of gymnastics equipment and equipment for sports centres.



Development & Design

To PE-Redskaber it is of great importance to develop new equipments. In order to develop new functional and effective equipments, it is important to know and follow the world of gymnastics. Therefore, the majority of our employees are either former or active gymnasts.

Furthermore, we are in daily contact with many users of our equipments, which means that we get input and experience from our customers' use of equipments, their thoughts and needs.

We do not say no to individual customer orders which creates new ideas and inspiration. To us it is important to see possibilities instead of limitations when it comes to innovative thinking.

It is not only from Denmark we get inspired, we are inspired by impulses from all over the world and from other sports than gymnastics.


PE-Redskaber is always focused on:

• High quality
• High professionalism
• Constant development
• Individual solutions
• Professional advice in all situations


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