200 cm
200 cm
30 cm
50 kg

Beaver Mat with bottom of tarpaulin 200x200x30 cm

Item no: 402500
The "Beaver" Mat is a very soft landing mat, which is intended primarily for children, in some cases for youths and adults. Small children use the Beaver Mat as a mattress to jump and romp on, while older children and adults can use the Beaver Mat, as an alternative to a Soft Top.

8,182.00 DKK
+ local tax

A small soft mattress, with great opportunities

The mat consists of a hardwearing "beaver nylon" cover and a pad of soft quality foam. A cover of beaver nylon may well be smooth on a gym floor, one of the surfaces is therefore fitted with anti-slip tarpulin. Practical handles of strong nylon belt on the sides. The cover is assembled with velcro.

We recommend, always to place a Landing Mat below the Beaver Mat, as the risk of "going through" thereby will be avoided.

The foam is OEKO-TEX certified.


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