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Chameleon - Landing Mat

Item no: 4211000
 Color: Blue/red.
This landing mat comes with the patented Chameleon covers from PE-Redskaber. The landing mat comes with blue top and red sides. The cover is assembled with hooks. Sides, end, top and bottom can be purchased as single parts. This gives you the advantage that you can easily replace it yourself if f.x. a side on the mat, should be damaged. This saves you both time and money.

18,629.50 DKK
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Chameleon - Landing Mat with shock-absorbing pad

The perfect landing mat for clubs with children, teenager but also adults.

The biggest task of a landing mat is to reduce the impact for the gymnast's body after a high jump. And this is where the shock-absorbing pads are important.

The shock-absorbing pads are taking and spreading the shock over the whole foam of the landing mat. Without the shock-absorbing pads, only the feet' area will be compressed and you will fastly break through to the floor. Under the shock-absorbing pads are two layers of foam which are measured to ensure a gentle descent.

The foam is OEKO-TEX certified.

The landing mat measures 2.10m when flipped on a transport waggon.

The landing mat is delivered as partial self-assembly.


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