130 cm
90 cm
120 cm
38 kg

Foam Box, 3-parts

Item no: 4807
 Color: Blue/red.
The foam box can be seperated into 3 parts and used for various small set-ups, where the gymnast practices take-offs, cartwheels, round-offs, etc. The foam box can also be connected to other equipment to make bigger set-ups.

9,036.50 DKK
+ local tax

Foam Box, 3-part is perfect for handspring

The Foam Box is fitted with strong hooks, which ensures that the blocks are safely linked.

Foam equipments from PE-Redskaber are made to fit together, thus making it easy to build different setups.
The foam is OEKO-TEX certified and the tarpaulin is phthalate free in the standard colors red / blue.

Foam equipments are here to stay, and indispensable in any gymnastics association.

Easy handling

Each part of the foam box is 40cm high.

Hooks and handles are mounted on the foam box for easier handling. Furthermore, there are shock absorber pads at the top.

The foam box is soft and comfortable, and reduces the risk of injury. The foam box is made of strong tarpaulin and foam of high quality. Because of the high quality foam the equipment retains its shape year after year, and does not weigh much.


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