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Combi Landing Mat

Item no: 4100
 Color: Blue/red.
First and foremost, a Combi Mat provides a larger landing area than an ordinary landing mat, but it also provides lots of possibilities to build up exciting and challenging set-ups. Crawl tunnel and run-on ramp are just some of the many possibilties.

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Complete combi mat with side and end extensions

Combi mat with several functions in one and the same piece of gymnastics equipment.

The Combi Mat can be split into individual parts and used as foam elements and give gymnasts optimal opportunities for the learning of skills.

By using strong hooks, the side and end extensions can be combined into a 2 x 3.5 m landing mat. Thus, the Combi Mat provides the option of 2 landing mats in one.

The Combi Mat is ideal for clubs that only have room for one mat, but which need several functions in the same piece of gymnastics equipment.

The Set consists of 1 landing mat, 4 side- and 2 endboxes which are very durable and produced of a high-quality 3-layer foam. The boxes have hooks on all sides and a non-slip bottom.

Unfolded the mat measures 5x3m. Folded together the mat can be stored on a transport trolley.

The foam is OEKO-TEX certified.

10 years warranty on the shock-absorption pad.

The combi mat is delivered as partial self-assembly.


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