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Dorado Technique Trainer 32

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Dorado Technique Trainer 32 is a "softer" trampoline, which is ideal for technical training.

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Dorado Technique Trainer 32 - ideal for training techniques

In collaboration with Helge Fisker from Gymnastikhøjskolen in Ollerup, we developed a mini-trampoline with focus on training techniques.
Currently there are three models of the trampoline, one with 32 springs, one with 36 and one 40 springs. The overall change compared to the well-known Dorado trampoline is the two new types of springs, which are divided into zones.


Adjustable legs

The Dorado trampoline has adjustable legs with a laser engraved height scale. This means that the height can be adjusted to provide the optimal set up for the individual age and level of the athletes. The adjustable legs also mean that the trampoline can be folded easily and quickly, without the use of tools, and without damaging the jumping bed during th transport.


The springs of Dorado Technique Trainer 

The springs in the Dorado Technique Trainer consist of two different springs with each of their features. 20/24 springs with firm hardness, which means that the spring's working speed is the same throughout the movement. These springs are a bit softer than those in a Dorado. In addition, it has 16 special springs that are divided into zones. A zone of the same hardness as the other springs of the trampoline, and a zone where the spring progressively becomes harder and faster.

This allows the trampoline with these special springs to be used by all types of gymnasts. As the gymnasts becomes older and stronger, the trampoline changes character and becomes harder and faster in some of its work areas. The Dorado Technique Trainer ensures that gymnasts with different physics can work towards the correct take-off technique.

Uffe Petersen, Bramming Gymnastics and Sports School



Opinion from Helge Fisker, Gymnastics College in Ollerup

"In my work as a coach for TeamGym at Ollerup, I have had a need to use a trampoline that matches the gymnasts' physics to a greater extent than the existing options with 36 and 40 springs.

There has been a lot of focus on how the gymnastic can achieve an appropriate take-off position and it has been trained and trained, but it does not matter if the gymnast does not have the physique to stretch the springs adequately.

I do not find it to be a difference between sex, but rather a difference in strength. Therefore, preferring to use a "softer" minitramp for technique learning, as with increased spring length, also increases the time of the tramp. It is a question of transferring the horizontal speed to the appropriate vertical height.

Basically, it is quite simple. Look at the gymnast and ask yourself. Does the gymnast need increased height or increased rotation. The typical picture is that the gymnast rotates a lot and does not jumps as high as desired and jumps far and / or crooked. That's where the "Technical Trainer" can help. You just make the springs (hardness and number) appropriate for the target group and help them with it "

- Helge Fisker, Gymnastics College in Ollerup

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