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Dorado® Trampoline 36

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 Color: Yellow.
Dorado No. 36, is with its 36 springs, developed specifically for mini / junior gymnasts, who has the ambition to work with bigger jumps in the trampoline. Dorado trampoline is known for its stylish design, but most of all for the very stable and powerful rebound.

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The trampoline for junior, senior and elite gymnasts!

The Dorado trampoline is designed with focus on design and effectiveness. This is a trampoline that is very stable and stands solidly even under the heaviest loads. Furthermore, it is silent and provides an extremely good and gentle rebound.

The basis for the Dorado has been to achieve the most optimal mini trampoline for senior gymnasts. But by using the adjustable legs, junior and beginner gymnasts can likewise feel the effect of the springs and stiffened frame.

Therefore, the Dorado is suitable for gymnasts at many levels and is a good investment.

The easy adjustment of the height, the fantastic rebound properties as well as the silent action makes the Dorado a unique piece of equipment. The trampoline is available with wheels, strong frame pads on all sides and non-slip feet.

The Dorado is the only trampoline of its kind on the market!

Big trampoline effect

One factor which makes the Dorado so powerful is the way how the springs are mounted. The springs are suspended inside the frame which prevents them from touching the frame even at heavy jumps.

Thus can the springs swing freely and the power can be fully used. This technique also makes the beginning of the take-off softer and gives the gymnast time to find the right take-off position.


Adjustable legs

The Dorado trampoline has adjustable legs with a laser engraved height scale. This means that the height can be adjusted to provide the optimal set up for the individual age and level of the athletes. 

The adjustable legs also mean that the trampoline can be folded easily and quickly, without the use of tools, and without damaging the jumping bed during th transport.

Focus on safety and flexibility

One of our biggest values at PE-Redskaber is safety which is why the frame pads on the Dorado also always covers the top edge of the frame, so that gymnasts don't hurt themselves on it. 

The frame pads can me used flexible, as it can be used full or half-covering, depending on what the gymnast prefers.

The Dorado has been used by:

  • Gold medalists at the European Championships 2008, Belgium - Silkeborg Girls and Boys, Denmark (Mens Team).
  • Gold medalists at the Danish Championships 2009, Odense - Silkeborg Girls and Boys, Denmark (Mens Team).
  • Gold medalists at the Danish Championships 2009, Silkeborg - Silkeborg Girls and Boys, Denmark (Junior boys team).
  • Gold medalists at the Swedish Championships 2009, Sweden - Brommagymnasterna.
  • DGI's World Team 2008-2009.

The design of the DORADO ® trampoline has been recorded in Register of Community Designs. Proteced under European Design Patent.

Trade Marks:
The Trade Mark DORADO ® has been recorded in Register of Community Trade Marks.

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