350 cm
190 cm
70 cm
140 kg

DMT – special edition

Item no: E23100
This is the Danish version of the well kown DMT. We worked together with Eurotramp from Germany and developed a new, fast and strong double mini-trampoline inspired by our own Dorado mini-trampoline.

46,180.00 DKK
+ local tax

Danish Dorado inspired double-mini trampoline

Here is the Danish PE version of the well-known double-mini trampoline. Inspired by our own Dorado Mini Trampoline we have in cooperation with EuroTramp in Germany, developed this fast, powerful and aesthetically beautiful Double Mini Trampoline.

The trampoline gives the daily training an extra dimension. The long bed provides many opportunities. It can be used both as a trampoline and as a "Tumbletrack" for flic-flac, double rotations, somersaults etc. Double Mini Trampoline is foldable and by using the wheels, it can easily be transported.


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