PE RemoteCare

Why PE RemoteCare? 

The amount of gymnastics equipment and jumping facilities has increased significantly in the last decade, and there are many different types of equipment in equipment rooms. The constant change of instructors, teachers, equipment managers and board members often makes it difficult to maintain current knowledge of the number, value, age, condition, user instructions and possible wear of gymnastics equipment, but the Remote Care system can help you with all of that, because it is extremely important in the context of insurance but also for the board and users. Time can often also play an important role in terms of where to prioritise spending energy.
With the tested and innovative PE RemoteCare service and maintenance system for overview, PE-Redskaber makes it easy for schools, clubs or gym managements, teachers/instructors, guardians, etc. to collect data and get an overview of the number of equipment pieces and their location, value, age and service maintenance. Furthermore, they can react quickly when damage is reported and easily access information such as user manuals, instructions and spare parts lists. So you can, in clear conscience, devote your energy to your gymnasts and gymnastics and let the system help you with those tasks instead. You decide whether you want help from PE-Redskaber or find a solution yourself. 

PE RemoteCare - system for overview, service and maintenance

We handle all types of equipment

PE RemoteCare handles all equipment, regardless of brand, making it easier and cheaper in the long term to maintain, repair and replace any gymnastic equipment and pieces of jumping facilities on an ongoing basis. At the same time, it is a solution in which sustainability - and care for the environment - is in focus. 

An easy way to get good service

All equipment is inspected by PE-Redskaber and a sticker will be attached containing a QR code and an ID number. With any mobile device, you simply scan the QR code and enter the ID number, which is on the equipment, to access information or report damage in the system - PE RemoteCare.

To report damage, describe the defect after scanning and upload a picture of the damage. The information is automatically sent to the school, club or gym equipment manager, who can see which equipment is affected, its location and age. All this data helps to simplify the process of what needs to be done and where to go for advice and guidance, all via PE RemoteCare.

Vedersø Sports School

Solution and Statements

Vedersø Sports School offers various forms of gymnastics which requires many different types of equipment - they need a good overview of the number of products, value, age, previous services, user manuals, spare parts & quick response

PE RemoteCare advantages

PE RemoteCare is a service system that provides a better overview and simplifies everyday life.

Complete overview of the number of equipment and their premises, if the school/gym or club has several locations.

See who has the equipment currently and write directly to that person in chare via the system.

Overview of data of the equipment such as value, age, condition, etc., which is also highly relevant in connection with insurance for the equipment. Often we find out that many are underinsured or not insured at all.
Assessment of the conditions of the equipment and having a dialogue with an advisor/consultant from PE-Redskaber regarding maintenance, repair and possible new purchases for the future budget which always will be calculated for the 5 years ahead.
Focus on fast response after damage notification, minimising time from damage to repair.
User manuals for the equipment which can be easily forwarded to email or printers by smartphones.
View spare part lists for the equipment and directly order it online.
The system is continuously optimised and updated with new features.
Possibility to have an inspection every 6 or 12 month by a consultant from PE-Redskaber.

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