The inventor of the original Airtrack

The Airtrack is a product by PE-Redskaber, who, in the nineties, worked to produce long gym tracks, also known as Tumble Tracks.

In the summer of 1995, the founder of PE-Redskaber saw children playing on a large bouncy cushion, and this gave him the idea of producing a long, narrow bouncy cushion to be used in the world of gymnastics. A blower was attached to the gym track, which fed it with a constant supply of air. Since the gym track contained air, it was named Airtrack.

The first airtracks were 3 metres wide and 70 cm high and produced in lengths of 12 and 15 metres. After a while, the height was reduced to 50 cm. The development of airtracks continued and today they are available in nearly every size imaginable.

Airtracks with a focus on design and quality

From a life raft to a gym track

During a visit to the Düsseldorf boat show in 1997, the owner of PE-Redskaber saw a life raft with a bottom made of double wall fabric (2 pieces of PVC held together by thousands of threads). The bottom was 7.5 cm high and airtight. This resulted in the idea to develop the "PE Plus" airtight jumping track.

A registered utility model protection was created in 1997 for the airtight jumping course (PE Plus), which was valid until 2007.

PE-Redskaber is the first in the world to use airtight equipment in gymnastics, as we know them all over the world today. PE-Redskaber has more than 28 years of experience in manufacturing airtight products for gymnastics.

Airtracks come in different lengths and heights depending on the user's needs. Correctly sized airtracks help to improve the user's skills and increase efficiency during training. Regardless of whether an experienced gymnast or a beginner uses the airtracks, the high quality will ensure a fun and safe training experience. 

All our airtracks are made from a strong and durable material, and all are checked to ensure high conformity and quality. We have extra reinforcements on all corners of the airtracks and Velcro on all sides, so you can combine multiple airtracks if you wish. As standard, there are soft handles on both sides for easy handling - of course with extra reinforcements and in the same colour as the airtrack, so quality and design go hand in hand. 

All Global Airtracks are produced with "Double-wall fabric". This is a three-layer quality material that is glued together at the top and bottom and separated by thousands of fibres. This makes the airtrack extra durable and gives it a fantastic bounce. We have been using this particular fabric in gymnastics since 1997 and have therefore built up a lot of expertise in this area. The double-wall technology also ensures that the surface of the airtrack is even and that the gym track can maintain a constant air pressure without a constant air supply.

You are always welcome to call us for advice on which type of airtrack will best suit your needs.

We have airtracks that fit everyone

Whether you're looking for an airtrack for small children to play and practice motor skills in the garden or on the living room floor - or you're a professional-level tumbler, we have airtracks for every need.

Airtrack for the little ones

If you're looking for an airtrack for the little ones, we recommend our Global Airtrack Play model. These are airtracks with a height of 10 or 15 cm. The 10 cm airtracks are ideal for training and playing at home. Smaller children will enjoy tumbling, playing and practising motor skills on the track. Slightly older children who are practising gymnastics at a beginner or intermediate level can also easily train on the airtracks. Airtracks with a height of 15 cm are ideal for slightly older children/gymnasts who jump at an intermediate/advanced level and want a powerful bounce off the airtrack. The 15 cm high airtrack is available in the lengths of 3-4-6 metres and is ideal for gymnasts who want to combine several jumps.

Airtrack for juniors

Our Global Airtrack Practice can be used by just about anyone, but is ideal for older children and juniors who are jumping at an intermediate or advanced level. The thickness of the Airtrack ensures that even older and more experienced gymnasts don't risk bottoming out when jumping on it. The Practice model can therefore be used both at home and at sport clubs. These airtracks are available in lengths of 4-12 metres, all with a width of 2 metres m, which provides good safety for combination jumps. Whether to choose one length or the other depends on how many jumps you want to be able to combine. On a 4 metre track, you can typically combine 2-3 jumps, such as round-off/backhandspring/back somersault.

Airtracks for clubs or elite gymnasts

If you are looking for an airtrack for your club or for elite jumpers who want the ultimate solution with a top-class rebound, we recommend our Airtrack+, which is the ultimate airtrack for intermediate, advanced and elite gymnasts. Suitable for after-school programmes, schools and clubs. Airtrack+ is available in lengths of 3-20 metres, with a height of 33 cm and a width of 280 cm.

See also our Global Airtrack Performance seriesThis series consists of airtracks with a height of 30 cm, so they fit the height of most standard equipment in a gymnastics club. The Performance series is ideal for juniors and adults who jump at an intermediate or advanced level. The Performance model can therefore be used in sports clubs and schools or by elite gymnasts who want an airtrack with an extra powerful rebound.

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