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520 cm
305 cm
115 cm
260 kg

Ultimate large trampoline

Item no: E03150
Ultimate big trampoline has been tried and tested by many of the world's elite gymnasts. This model was i.a. used during the WC in Odense 2015.

75,652.50 DKK
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Ultimate big tramp

Innovations and advantages:

• 200% more tension in the leg section, giving an outstanding stability to the frame
• Long term consistent performance characteristics and reduced "jump-in time"
• Perfect balance between the flexibility of the frame and its strength with high-tech steel of supreme quality
• "Easy-Lock-System" to set up the trampoline quicker and more efficiently
• Laser-cut accuracy giving the frame design greater potential for safety
• Unique engineered hinge design with block friction bearings giving more resistance to wear and tear
• Ultimate-springs for optimum dynamics and longevity
• Ultimate adaption kit for older end decks to make them compatible with the Ultimate 4x4
• Avilable with 32 mm, 50 mm foldable or 50 mm stationary padding


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