1,500 cm
200 cm
33 cm
900 kg

Fibertrack TeamGym

Item no: 7010
 Color: Blue.
Fibreglass Tumble Track for junior and senior gymnasts. The fibertrack is mainly used by Teamgym teams for trainings and competitons.

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Fibreglass Tumble Track with Carpet Bonded Foam

Maximum performance. Solid design. Minimal storage.

This model is primarily used in competitions (Team Gym), because of the maximum performance the track provides the gymnasts.

The Track has very quickly become the preferred choice for many Gym Teams and clubs in Scandinavia.

The combinition of fibreglass, steel frame and foam top mat, creates a safe and reliable track with a great rebound.

The steel frames are made ​​in 1 meter sections and can be stacked. This allows the storage to be minimal and as gently as possible.

Whatever model is chosen, the carpet bonded foam mats can bee rolled up like normal mats.

This model (15 meter long) consists of 15 pieces of steel frames of 100x200 cm. incl. fibreglass. The top mats consists of 2 carpet bonded foam mats, one with a thickness of 3.5 cm and one of 5 cm. Including hooks connection strips for fastening. At the sides on the track, 2 vinyl skirts will finish up the nice and good looking design.

If you wish for a specific colour or customized logos, contact us and we will make sure to find a solution for you and your wishes. 


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