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Flic Trainer, blue/red

Item no: 3503
The cylinder will "follow" the gymnast in the jump, and the correct body posture is maintained. In that way, the gymnast will not learn "bad habits", which can be hard to get rid of later. As a coach you can avoid heavy lifting, as you just have to be ready to take action if the jump goes awry. The Flic Trainer can be placed on the floor or on a gym track. There may possibly be pushed a "stamp mat" or the like under the Flik Trainer - partly to make a difference in level, partly as a landing field. The foam is OEKO-TEX certified and the tarpaulin is phthalate free in the standard colors red / blue.

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Flic Trainer

The Flic Trainer can be adjusted in height (from 76-97 cm) to suit both the youngest gymnasts and up to early junior gymnasts.


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