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Foam slide model PE

Item no: 4820
 Color: Blue/red.
Children love to crawl, climb, slide and run up / down the sloping surfaces on the slide. It enhances their motor skills through play. The slide is made of soft foam, covered with tarpaulin, and is therefore soft and comfortable to play on. The foam is OEKO-TEX certified and the tarpaulin is phthalate free in the standard colors red / blue.

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Slide of foam - a world of play possibilities

The slide can be used on all 3 sides. In that way you can "adjust" how steep it should be. By using hooks, the slide can be combined with other foam equipments from PE-Redskaber such as foam boxes and salto boxes.

Slides are a very versatile product that are sure to fit into any elementary physical education program. Place the slide next to a landing mat, foam box or foam plugs, and make for a world of play possibilities. You can also utilize the slide individually to work on walking, climbing, crawling, and tumbling. It provides a world of opportunities for building setups - only your imagination is the limit.

Foam equipments are here to stay and are indispensable in any gymnastics association.


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