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Global Airtrack Practice

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 Color: Blue top, grey sides.
Global Airtrack was developed by PE-Redskaber A/S, the inventor of the original airtrack. These are high quality airtracks. Whether you are an experienced gymnast or beginner, the high quality will ensure a fun and safe experience.

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Global Airtrack Practice

The Global Airtrack Practice series consists of airtracks with a height of 20 cm. This height is perfect for training at home but also for professional use. The airtrack gives a fantastic bounce. Global Airtracks are very user friendly, quick to inflate and easy to adjust in hardness to always match the user’s level. 

Who does the Global Airtrack Practice model fit?

Global Airtrack Practice – 20 cm is useable by most people, but ideally used by older children and juniors at an intermediate to advanced level. The airtrack has a thickness that ensures older and experienced users a great bounce. This also allows the Practice model to be used in sports clubs and schools. 

Which airtrack length should you choose?

The practice models are available in lengths of 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 m. All models have a width of 2 m which provides a safe side distance when doing combination jumps. Choosing a length depends on how many jumps you want to combine. It is typical on a 4 m track to have room for 2-3 jumps, such as backhandsprings, handsprings or somersaults. 

What jumps can I do on a Global Airtrack Practice?

Global Airtrack Practice. This airtrack allows almost any jump. You can practice standing jumps, e.g. handsprings or individual jumps such as cartwheels or backhandsprings. The track has a powerful rebound which also makes it ideal for combination jumps. Depending on the length and the users skill, you can combine several jumps such as backhandsrpings, back flips, handsprings, somersaults, etc. 

Is it possible to attach several Global Airtracks together?

All Global Airtrack Practice models are sold with velcro on all sides. This allows for the model to be expanded in length and width by connecting to other Global Airtracks with a velcro connector or a transition piece.

Where can the Global Airtrack Practice be used? 

The Global Airtrack Practice models can be used both inside and outside. If used inside, please make sure to have a safe height and room around the airtrack. 

If the Global Airtrack is used outside, we suggest rolling it out on grass. Please remove sharp objects as stones before laying down the airtrack. You can also place a tarp or blanket under the airtrack. 

We do not recommend using the airtrack directly on sand or gravel substrates as this will expose the airtrack to excessive wear and tear.

Easy handling

A large advantage of the Global Airtrack Practice model is the ease of handling. The airtrack weighs very little so even larger children can carry the smaller models in the enclosed transport bag. Deflated and packed together the airtrack fills so little that you can bring it on a vacation or to family and friends. The airtrack is quick to inflate and ready to use within minutes. All Global Airtracks are delivered in a practical transportation bag.


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