Lifting roller stand

Item no: E52110
Lifting roller stand for large trampoline.

7,080.00 DKK
+ local tax

Lifting roller stand

A trampoline occupies a large space when it is erected and is generally folded for storage and transport, and put on transport units.

There are several variants at disposal for this purpose. The cheapest type of transport for a trampoline is the classical lifting roller stand from Eurotramp.
The problem herewith is that all apparatus types of Grand Master when folded together are 2.20 m in height, whereas many doors in gymnasiums are only two metres in height. With the conventional lifting roller stand and the "Safe & Comfort" lifting roller stand (No. E53110), the trampoline can be lowered from 2.20 m to 1.97 m. Therefore, all large trampolines fit through standard doors (two metres in height) without problems.


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