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280 cm
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Multi ramp 5-parts

Item no: 8500
Devided into 5 parts, each part can be used by its own or composed as a small, medium or big ramp.

61,215.00 DKK
+ local tax

Multi ramp

The foam blocks can be used to build various runways, or as obstacles gymnasts can jump on.

The ramps are good for exercising forward and backwards jumps.

The foam is OEKO-TEX certified.

Build your own air ramp!

By placing an AirTrack + on top of the Multi ramp, you can build your own air ramp. The ramp gets more "bounce" and is good for exercising both forward and backward jumps.

Due to freight handling, and to protect the ramp during transport, the ramp is supplied unassembled (assembly instructions included).


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