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Nemo Trampoline

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 Color: Blue/white.
Mini trampoline specially designed for children and juniors. The Nemo trampoline has a moveable frame, with 3 adjustment options, which allows you to easy adjust the trampoline frame and bed to the appropriate and optimal jumping position (lowest to the smallest gymnasts, and higher when the gymnasts control the jumping technique in the trampoline). In addition, with adjustable legs which both has an clear visual laser engraving height adjustment scale, the height can easily be adjusted, which allows the trampoline to be adjusted to optimal use for the individual age groups of gymnasts.

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Nemo Trampoline

The Nemo trampoline can be found in many different spring settings, but comes as standard with 32 springs. The users can easily change the setting to either 28 or even 24 springs. By setting the trampoline horizontally, children can use it as a “mini” large trampoline. The Nemo trampoline is equipped with traditional 13 mm nylon trampoline bed and gives a soft, but effect full starting point when you jump into the trampoline.

The Nemo trampoline is as standard equipped with a full covered 35 mm thick frame pad for safety, which also gives the opportunity for mounting a Dorado Bumper by the means of hook connection strips. To increase safety even more, the Nemo trampoline has 4 non-slip feet and an overall design that minimizes the risk of gymnastics getting injured on the frame.
Furthermore the Nemo Trampoline has mounted 3 wheels for easy transport.


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