280 cm
22 cm
30 kg

Safe Transition connector

Item no: 1486
Safe Transition between an Airtrack+ to a foam pit. 280cm lang.

3,625.00 DKK
+ local tax

Safe Transition – Airtrack+ to foam pit

With a Safe Transition from an Airtrack+ to a foam pit, you will be able to fill gaps that arises between the two equipments.

The Safe Transition piece is made with a curve that follows the Airtrack+, and with a strong hook strip that ensures a tight coupling. The connector is made in the same width as the Airtrack+ at 280 cm.

The transition is built up by 2 different kinds of foams. The upper half is made by solid foam, where the bottom is an airy softer type. This combination of the foam acts like a spring, if a gymnast should land with great force in the transition. A solid surface that slowly decreases speed.


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