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Soft Ramp

Item no: 4010
 Color: Blue/red.
Soft Ramp 2 x 4 m with stretch fabric and shock-absorbing pad. Children can use it for landing on, whereas juniors and adults should only use it when the ramp lays on a tumble track or landing mat. The ramp is soft to land on in comparison to an ordinary landing mat. It gives the gymnast a feeling as landing in a pit.

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The Soft Ramp - essential for any club

In the bottom of the soft ramp you can find a shock-absorbing pad. On the one hand for avoiding to let the gymnast break through the ramp to the ground, on the other hand for an easier storing.

The top of the soft ramp is made of stretch fabric, the bottom of tarpaulin. It can also be used as a airmat but you can also use it on top of a landing mat.

It is possible to manufacture a soft ramp in your wished dimensions and colours.

The foam is OEKO-TEX certified.

Soft Ramp is delivered as partially self-assembly.


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