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Team-Track ramp

Item no: 42711
 Color: Blue/red.
The medium air ramp is perfect for fast construction of slanted rebound areas.

33,242.00 DKK
+ local tax

Perfect for fackhandsprings and backwards somersaults

Team-Track ramps are perfect implements for all clubs and after-school centres that want a fast and easy construction of slanted set-ups or slanted rebound areas. The ramp is brilliant for flic-flac or handspring exercises.

The ramp provides a springy and gentle rebound and makes it easier for the gymnast to complete a jump. The high edges of the ramp helps the receiver to stand in an upright position.

Team-Track ramps are wide enough for two gymnasts to jump next to each other.
They also replaces the old "illegible", which was typically built up of several pieces of equipment, such as a vaulting table, trampoline, landing mat and gym track.


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