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Landing Mat with shock-absorbing pad, with hooks

Item no: 4203
3x2m long landing mat comes with two reinforeced handles on all sides. This landing mat was developed to protect the gymnast after a high jump. Through the handles on all sides is the mat easy to lift and handle. The mat can be used for many purposes and having hooks on the sides you get the possiblity of combining landing mats. Moreover, the hooks can be used to attach other equipments, f.x. gym tracks. This is the perfect landing mat for children, juniors and adults. The foam is OEKO-TEX certified. 10 years of warranty for the shock-absorbing pads.

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Landing mat

The biggest task of a landing mat is to reduce the impact for the gymnast's body after a high jump. And this is where the shock-absorbing pads are important. 

The shock-absorbing pads are taking and spreading the shock over the whole foam of the landing mat. Without the shock-absorbing pads, only the feet' area will be compressed and you will fastly break through to the floor. Under the shock-absorbing pads are two layers of foam which are measured to ensure a gentle descent. 

This landing mat fits with its colour and size to our other PE-Redskaber equipment thus creates a nice whole picture.

The landing mat measures 2.10m when flipped on a transport waggon.

The landing mat is delivered as partial self-assembly.

Do you wish for a landing mat in a special size or colour? Would you like to have your logo printed onto the mat? Then feel free to contact us and we are sure we will find a solution for you.


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