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PE Stamp Mat

Item no: 4115
A Stamp Mat can be used in incredible many contexts and with PE Stamp Mat, you now have even more options. Like most of our gymnastics equipment, this model is also fitted with hook fastenings on all 4 sides. This makes it possible to make f.x. a long roll mat or a square mat for wrestling. Likewise, it is used in many places, as a top mat or folding mat.

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The "old stamp mat" in a modern and creative version

The hard hooks, are mounted on a flap at one end and at the long side. The soft part is flipped by the hard part, directly on the mat. This setup makes PE Stamp Mat multifunctional - which is the basic idea behind all our products.

PE Stamp Mat is made ​​of shock-absorbing foam in a very high quality, which ensures long durability. The cover is made ​​of phthalate free tarpaulin with a high tear strength and soft rubber coating.

The pictures above shows the combination of 4.


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