200 cm
200 cm
15 cm

PE Soft Track

Item no: 1102
 Color: Blue/red.
2m track is not only perfect for children, beginners and juniors but for an even bigger target group.

8,045.50 DKK
+ local tax

Perfect track for learning

The track is soft and works perfectly as a training track. It provides the gymnast ideal opportunities to work safely with basic leaps.

The track is furthermore brilliant to build with, for example by placing it over a beam or benches. PE Soft Track may, by children, also be used as a small landing mat.

The track has hooks on all sides, making it easy and safe to combine to other gymnastics equipments.

PE Soft Track is 200cm wide. The sections are available in the sizes 200cm, 300cm and 400cm. All sizes are 15cm high.


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