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Tarpan - Built-in transport system

Item no: 5605
 Color: Black/red.
Tarpan with built-in transport system, has a handle at the bottom, and you can with one hand only easily raise the Tarpan up on the unique chassis, and thus it is easy to move. Tarpan with built-in transport system comes with protective border around the frame.

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Tarpan - a unique vaulting table

Tarpan is a beautiful and functional vaulting table. It has a base with mono-pillar and built-in gas spring for height adjustment. Thus you can avoid heavy lifting and need only adjustment at one place.

The very exclusive laser engraved height adjustment scale, and the easy adjustment of height, makes Tarpan a unique piece of equipment.

Tarpan can be adjusted in height from 165 cm to 110 cm at an interval of 5 cm.


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