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Tarpan Trainer

Item no: 5630
 Color: Black/red.
The small foam top, Tarpan Trainer 40, can be mounted on a Salto Box, end extensions, etc. In that way you can "build" your own Tarpan Trainer 100. In this way one can even "adjust" the height.

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Tarpan Trainer

Foam Tarpan, Tarpan Trainer, is perfect for training, for example handspring or tzukahara.

It is suitable for children and beginners in TeamGym as it is softer and lower than the traditional Tarpan. It provides confidence in the learning phase before the gymnast is ready to jump over the traditional Tarpan.

Tarpan Trainer are made from soft foam, covered with tarpaulin in black/red, and matches the design of the traditional Tarpan.

The foam is OEKO-TEX certified and the tarpaulin is phthalate free in the standard colors red / black.


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